About me

The Travelling Coach is me, Viv Cuthill. I like being with people, listening, talking, story-telling, helping with personal development, eating and drinking, writing and researching, laughing and travelling. I have combined these passions in an eclectic portfolio of self-employed work for 15 years delivering training, research and other projects for the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors, carrying out academic research into mobile people, places and spaces, facilitating programmes of work-based personal and professional development, and coaching individuals and groups to achieve fulfillment.

As The Travelling Coach, I provide coaching and direction for weary business travellers, nomads and relocaters, life-reviewing holiday-makers, and anyone embarking on a global or local personal ‘journey’ anywhere around the globe. I am interested in how we develop accessible and engaging online working relationships wherever we are in the world using the technology available.

Prior to my self-employment, I had personal experience of the impact of travelling extensively for an employer with few support mechanisms in place, I used to move house and jobs frequently, I’ve always loved going on holiday and reviewing where I’m at, and I’m now leading a relatively nomadic life, so each element of the Travelling Coach portfolio is close to my heart.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained by the Coaches Training Institute, and an Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation.

If you’d like a chat, a laugh, or a serious in-depth discussion about how we could work together, do get in touch.

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