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As a Co-Active Coach, I ensure that we have an active, collaborative, respectful, open coaching relationship that empowers and encourages you to lead a balanced life while you are on the move. I coach in 30 or 45 minute sessions that fit with your schedule. I coach by phone, Skype, FaceTime, and in person.

Please contact me to find out more about available coaching packages. Payment can be arranged in UK Pounds, Euros or US Dollars.

Testimonials from clients:

‘Through Viv’s coaching, over a period of six months, I found a good job that has helped change my life–moving me closer to my family and enabling me to promote up because I moved countries. I have found Viv to be an excellent listener and she responded well to my needs and goals, as they arose. She is also flexible in scheduling and accommodating on all levels, and is funny and fun to work with. She is sensitive, caring, and compassionate in her coaching and has an unusual ability to break through smoke screens and distractions to penetrate the real issues and work deeply with these things. I’ve continued to work with Viv, since I started out on a such a successful journey with her and want more of what she has to offer me’ SC, United States


'After returning from Australia, Viv’s coaching helped me to find clarity during a very turbulent time in my life.

The warmth of her approach, the supportive, thought provoking, at times challenging style of working enabled me to really examine my issues, and so begin a process of understanding and healing for which I am deeply grateful.' MB, United Kingdom


'I highly recommend Viv for coaching services, I have benefited tremendously, as a premium private coaching client. When I first started working with Viv, I was at a crossroads, in all aspects of my life, wanted to change and transition, but did not have a clear vision. During our time together, I have been on an intense journey of personal self-discovery, awakening, emergence, and transition; to courageously leverage and share my talents with the world. Viv supported my self-growth, championed my successes, affirmed my creativity, and held me accountable. Viv shows up to coaching, and brings so much warmth, positivity, kind-heartedness and humor. She is fiercely transparent, ethical, authentic, creative, playful, energizing, and innovative. Coaching with Viv, is a collaborative, fluid, and thriving partnership, with a focus on flourishing and awakening to the possibilities in life. Viv offers meaningful, strategic and laser coaching. I wholeheartedly recommend Viv, to anybody who is seeking direction, knowledge and accountability. Viv is wonderfully engaging, soulfully wise, genuinely animated, a keen listener, and above all, is a brilliant coach!' AG, United States