Café Coaching

Viv, The Travelling Coach, loves cafés, coaching and chatting, and she loves visiting holiday places, so she's combining all these activities to offer café coaching for holidaymakers in selected places.

Are you away for a break and it's not going the way you planned? Do you need someone to vent with about the partner, teenagers, family or friends you’re away with? Want to figure out some strategies for keeping everyone happy? Maybe you’re away doing some thinking about the future, and the kind of changes you would like to make in your life? Would you like someone to share your ideas with?

Whatever your topic, why not meet Viv in a lovely café and spend 45 mins having a chat and a drink and taking a break? Think of it as a massage for the mind, a spa break for the soul.

Meet the Travelling Coach in person

You will be able to meet Viv in person in cafes in specific holiday places. 2015 details to follow….

Inspirational Events

Watch this space for Inspirational group coaching events you can participate in on holiday.