While there are many advantages and attractions to a nomadic life, people living transnational lives and moving from place to place, who are not fixed or settled in one place for a long period of time, can face several personal challenges. Are you trying to figure out how to live and work in more than one place? Are you already an ex-pat, a retirement nomad, a snowbird, a work nomad, a spiritual nomad? Maybe you've grown up as a third culture kid?

What does it feel like to lead parallel lives? Where is your identity? How do you maintain friendships and family ties? Does your life feel in balance? Where are your roots? Do you feel split between places, people, social lives, work spaces? How long can you sustain this life? Do you feel challenged by commitment – to a place, to a person, to a life?

The Travelling Coach can work with you at any time in any place to discuss these and any other issues, and to provide support with the challenges of a nomadic life.


Pro-Bono Nomads

While many choose a life of travel and movement, for others travelling and leading a nomadic life is a necessity. I work with organisations representing migrants to support individuals and groups on a pro-bono basis through coaching. If you represent a migrant organisation, please contact me to discuss how we could work together.